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"Tout fait Maison" probably is the closest way to express how I like to live my life. I have always love making everything from scratch in my own kitchen since I was a little girl growing up in Hong Kong. Unfortunately kitchens in Hong Kong are much smaller and people do not always have the "real" oven there but only the toaster type oven. Therefore, things did not always turn out in my Hong Kong kitchen until I get my real kitchen here. To me, baking and working with dairy products are like doing science experiments. I get extremely excited when I see that my cheese is forming the way it should be or my bread is rising properly. When my end products come out perfectly, that is probably what I strive for. So I would like to share my secrets with all my friends who enjoy baking and enjoy kitchen experiments as much as I do. I have been a French trained aritsan chocolatier for the last 8 years and I still feel like there are so much to learn in the chocolate and pastry field. Having traveled the world and trained in two of the most amazing schools in France (Valrhona Chocolates and Lenotre),my goal is to spread my joy of baking to all of you.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

World's easiest Pâte d'amandes maison et Pâte pistache maison (Almond paste and Pistachio paste)

I have been trying to find the perfect french almond paste recipe for such a long time and either they would require making sugar syrup or they would make a load that I do not need.  Also finding the right texture is very tricky too and I have finally found a way to make it in seconds and literally do not require any cooking!!!  Besides that you can make any quantity you like and flavor the paste to your heart desire and you will end up with a super smooth and pliable paste.  Practically you can use any blanched nut meal and make hazelnut paste or cashew paste but I just happen to like almond and pistachio most. They can be used in making baked goods most of the time Italian cookies call for a lot of almond paste and French little cakes call for pistachio paste. You can also roll them into balls and stuffed into dates or use them in chocolate making. 


Equal part of blanched nut flour (pistachio which I purchased from NUTS.com, almond flour, etc)
Equal part of powdered sugar
Filtered water
Any essence of your choice (optional)
Food coloring (optional)

  • In a medium size bowl, add the nut flour and the powdered sugar and mix well some lumps are fine and in this case I used 1/4 cup each to make small batch
  • Add a few drops of water (if you are planning to use food coloring I would add them to the water and mix well before adding to the nut flour sugar mix), do not add too much at a time then mix and add another few drops if it looks too dry, until it resemble wet sand clumps but still got some dry bites

  • At this time, you can add a drop of essence to the mix, I use Fiori Sicili (kind of orange vanilla essence by King Authur) or any other essence you would like to add
  • Use your hand and knead the paste together and it should come together nicely and if it needs water, add one drop at a time until paste forms or if paste too wet, add more nut flour until you get a smooth paste
  • When it reaches the perfect texture the paste should look nice and smooth and should not stick to your hand
Pate Pistache
  • Roll into a log and use it in recipes or wrap in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for later use
Pate d'amandes     

  • Paste should be able to keep in the fridge for up to a couple of weeks but since there is no preservatives in these paste it is best to use them as soon as possible

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  1. Finally had a moment's peace to enjoy your post. I love how you rolled it into a perfect cylinder. I mean...perfect cylinder :) Very nice post Ivy...totally enjoyed it. Now I can't wait for a recipe that uses these wonderful paste! Thank you for sharing your recipes and making them easy to follow!